Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For better or for worse.

In sickness and in health. I truly meant those vows when I said them two years and eight months ago. And I am holding steady in those vows. As most of you know, Matt has been sick with one thing or another since Christmas. It has been a really rough few months for us. But it all came down yesterday. Matt had been throwing up for a couple days and yesterday it got dramatically worse. He was throwing up every thirty minutes and could not keep one sip of water down. By last night he was completely dehydrated. Around 8:30pm, I came down to check on Matt (I had been working since 6 am by myself with the girls) and he stated he needed to go to urgent care. At that point, I knew it was bad, because throughout our marriage I have asked him a million times if I needed to take him to urgent care or the ER and he usually refuses (stubborn man!). I called our supervisor and we figured out how to get someone to come watch the girls while I took care of Matt. Well, one of the problems in New Orleans (especially since the Storm) is the lack of healthcare. We found out that none of the Urgent Care facilities stay open past 7 pm, so that took us to the ER. We arrived at the ER about 9:30 pm. We got called back to the exam room about 12:30 am and finally saw the doctor about 2:30 am. The doctor took one look at Matt and said "oh, you look really bad". My poor husband, he really did look pathetic. The doctor spent about 2 minutes examining Matt and decided he had a stomach virus. So, they started an IV and pumped the boy full of fluids and medicines. They drugged him up pretty well and he slept from about 3:30-7:15am when they gave him a few prescriptions and let us go home. I spent the night changing positions and trying to sleep in a wooden hospital chair (not so comfy for a woman who is 26 weeks pregnant). Next time I think I'll bring a pillow and blanket. We arrived home and were supposed to work today, but were fortunate enough that our supervisor found coverage and we just crashed. Matt is feeling much better. He still has some stomach pain, but the nausea is gone and he is just sleeping it out (with the help of some strong meds). Hopefully Matt will be feeling completely better by Thursday at 6 am when we fly back to SC. We need this vacation now more than ever!

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erin said...

oh man...yeah i hope he feels better. not just because i want to see you this weekend..but well cause i need to see you:) praying for you guys.