Friday, February 15, 2008


Matt & I have found an affordable apartment here and are meeting with the lady to put down our deposit in a little less than an hour. The apartment is a block away from where we live right now. It's an upstairs shotgun style apartment with 2 bedrooms/1 bathroom. We are quite excited to be staying here in New Orleans as well as the uptown area (we LOVE our neighborhood)!

Also, Matt has a job interview at St. George's Episcopal School on Monday at 2 pm for a position as a two year old teacher. We have no idea what the salary is and if there are benefits. Pray that if this is not the right position that God will lead us to others. If this doesn't work out, Matt will continue pursuing working in the school system. That is a sure job for him because they are desperate for teachers. We just don't know when he would be able to start that. So, keep praying that the right doors are opened and closed.

My ultrasound went well yesterday. The reason I had another one was because my placenta was so low during the last one and that could cause some concern. This ultrasound turned out great! My placenta is higher and Emma is extremely healthy. I'll try to post those pictures soon (I've got to scan them first).

This time next week Matt & I will be back in South Carolina!!! We are so excited for this break and time to spend with family and friends.

That's all for now. :)

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