Friday, January 04, 2008

Nursery bedding!

Matt & I caved in and bought the nursery bedding for Emma. I found this set (Tropical Punch by Cocalo) online last week and fell in love with it (partly because it is pink and orange and partly because it has cute animals), but the only downfall was that Target and Babies R Us only carried it online. Well, Matt and I stopped in Burlington Coat Factory yesterday to see what baby stuff they had and guess what we saw?! The bedding! It was just as beautiful as I imagined it to be! We were excited but left Burlington and continued on our day. Well, last night Matt & I ate at Applebee's and I was paying and found a coupon in my wallet for 20% off at Burlington! And the coupon expired January 6th! So what did Matt and I do? We went right over to Burlington and bought the bedding set and saved about $35. Holla! Don't be too disappointed though, there are still plenty of accessories that you all can add to Emma's nursery! :) Right now I'm registered at Target and Babies R Us, but plan to register at Burlington soon. Here is what the bedding set looks like. Isn't it just precious?!


Mom said...

Yes, of course it is precious---and of course you would love it because it is ORANGE and hot pink!!! I bet Emma Grace will love it---and will be even more precious! Congratulations on your first major purchase for her---and your savvy shopping skills!

Much love,

The Beasleys said...

I am so glad you found it! That is adorable! It is so cheerful it will keep Emma in a good mood all the time. That was the first thing I picked out for Logan and Grant. After that it seems like it all comes together. We love you guys and Miss you!!!!

Blissful Life said...

Aw its great!! Definately something a true New Orleanian would love. All you need are some masks to go with the bright colors!

Ashley said...

so cute! i'll be adding to it soon :)

Heidi said...

Sarah- So great! I love the bedding! :) It's so bright and cheerful!
Thanks so much for the encouragement. Training is going well. I am excited to be starting here, but it is definitely tempered with the knowledge of the difficulty that lies ahead. I begin in the cottages today (still under training) but have a fairly good guess in the cottage that I will serve in. (and you can keep me in your prayers :)