Thursday, January 17, 2008

The never-ending story (of sickness)

Yes, Matt and I are still sick. Matt gets a little more grief than I do though, because his doctor told him today that he still has severe bronchitis, an upper respiratory infection, and a sinus infection. What does that mean? My poor little hubby got more penicillin shots in his butt and another antibiotic. And the doctor said if this doesn't work he has to go to the hospital and get a shot in his spinal cord! Ouch! Let's hope that doesn't have to happen.

And me, well, I just have a sinus infection. Doesn't seem too bad compared to my husband, but I'm a wimp. And I can't take antibiotics, so I'm stuck with Claritin and nasal spray. Let's hope that does the trick.

So, we'll just lay in bed and hack up our lungs for a while longer.

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