Friday, January 11, 2008

Babies, work, and Mardi Gras!

It's been a while since I've done a real update on our lives...

First, our sweet little Emma. She has been kicking a lot lately. I first felt her kick on December 27th (the same day as the ultrasound) but this past week she has been kicking every 2-3 hours. Right now it is such a fun, wonderful feeling to know that she is kicking inside of me. I know the uncomfortable jabbing is coming though. :) I went to my OB on Wednesday and all is going well. I measured at 21 1/2 weeks, which is good since I was 21 weeks 1 day. Matt & I love hearing her heart beat. And Matt has felt her kick a few times and loves it. Right now it all seems so wonderful and surreal. I can't imagine that in 4 1/2 more months, I will be a mother. How crazy is that?!

Work is going well. I think things really do get better after the six month mark (we are at seven months now). We are just chugging along day by day but enjoying the fun moments we have with the girls (which have seemed to be more lately). Sure we will have our bad days, but the good ones now outweigh the bad ones.

Matt is still getting over his "holiday illnesses". He is now having a really hard time sleeping at night. He has not been able to get a good nights rest at all the past couple weeks. And then he is just so exhausted during the day that he crashes. Hopefully he will get better soon and if not I'm going to force him to go back to the doctor.

Hope you all are recovering from the holidays and getting back into the routine of things. Here in New Orleans, we are getting geared up for Mardi Gras. People take down their Christmas decorations and immediately put up Mardi Gras decorations. Parades have already started and Mardi Gras isn't until February 5th. Matt and I are extremely excited to be "locals" during this Mardi Gras season and be experiencing all the fun things that go on. Most of the world doesn't realize that Mardi Gras is more than beads and boobs on Bourbon Street. Most locals don't even head down in that area for Mardi Gras. All the real fun is Uptown (where we live)! I will be sure to post pictures and update when we begin to experience all the excitement.

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Blissful Life said...

On Emma Grace: Jen and I were just talking about her kicking and saying how much you'll love it. All I got to say is as long as I don't see her or have to feel her moving around, I'm good! :)
On Matt: Get to feeling better buddy!
On Work: I am so thankful that things are getting better! Stay positive!
On Mardi Gras: I so wish we could come down and enjoy it with you! But we're saving to share something more important... Emma Grace's birth day!!