Friday, January 25, 2008

10 Things about Emma/Pregnancy

I was tagged by Amy to tell ten things about Emma/being pregnant (since she's still in the oven). So, here you are...

1. Emma loves to kick every two-three hours, but her most active time is between 9-11 pm.
2. Matt and I were touching my belly yesterday and felt Emma's hand move!!!
3. I am 22 weeks, 4 days and loving this time in my pregnancy!
4. My belly has gotten HUGE in the past two weeks.
5. Matt and I like to read and sing to Emma before we go to sleep every night.
6. We have been reading Emma a different children's book every night.
7. I absolutely cannot wait to put some big bows in my little girls hair!
8. Emma was very secretive in her ultrasound and it took the doctor quite a lot of poking and prodding to get her to show off for us.
9. We are convinced that Emma will have dark hair and big brown eyes like her mommy.
10. Only 116 days until Emma's due date!

Okay, I'm tagging Courtney for this one...I want to hear all about how Noah is growing up!


courtney said...

That's so sweet that you read to her every night. I knew you'd be super parents, you already are.
I just did my top ten and tagged 3 girls. I like this!

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about Emma! And that little picture of your sweetheart on the side, is so cute! :)