Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hello Bella!

When we first moved here, we noticed this cute English Bulldog that lived down the street from us. She was always sitting on the porch and we would always speak to her b/c she was just too cute to resist! Well, Matt was out working in the yard the other day and the bulldog & her owner walk by. Matt tells the owner how cute her dog is and that is his dream dog. The owner then says that she has been thinking about giving her away because she just doesn't have time for her anymore. Matt lets her know that we are VERY interested! So, last night the bulldog & her owner are on their walk and Matt is outside working again. The lady states that she is not fully ready to give her up yet, but she goes out of town a lot and would love for us to dog sit for her. So, she brings Bella by today and we are LOVING her! We're going to dog sit for a while and then hopefully get to keep her! And the best part is, she is great with cats, people, and kids! And she is trained to walk with her owner without a leash! Here are some pictures of this cutie pie that we have fallen in love with!

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Blissful Life said...

You know there is a problem when I've updated my blog before you have... :)