Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We're in Omaha!

Here we are--at the home campus of the Girls and Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. We arrived on Sunday evening and have been non-stop since then. We have training every day from 8-5 and then have homework to do for the next day. We are learning SO much about how to care for the at-risk youth we will be working with. And the campus is beautiful! We took a short bus tour of the campus on Monday, but haven't had the chance to get out and walk around yet between seminars & studying. We should get the chance to do that this weekend. We don't have internet access where we are staying--we drove to Panera tonight to check our e-mail and study for our test tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get the chance to update at least once more during our stay here.

Here are some pictures of this beautiful campus:

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