Thursday, June 28, 2007

Everyday life

Here are some things that we have experienced so far in our life in New Orleans:

*We have a really nice bakery across the street from our house that makes delicious chocolate cheesecakes!

*We have a Whole Foods Market 3 blocks away from us (so excited about this)

*There are about a million and one coffee shops on our street (I'm in heaven!)

*The nearest Target is about 30 minutes away ::tear:: BUT it's a two story Target, which is fun!

*We have a Wal-Mart nearby (5-10 minutes away) BUT it closes at 9 pm! How crazy is that?!

*There are Winn Dixies everywhere--what a change from South Carolina!

*The roads here are really bad...we'll be getting our car realigned quite often!

*Public transportation is everywhere and I LOVE it!

*We also live 4 blocks from Audobon Park (the largest green space in the city) and the zoo!

*Have I mentioned that there are coffee shops on every block?! Ahh, bliss!

I'm sure there are a million other things we have experienced but that's all for my list for now.

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