Friday, June 29, 2007

Hornets and such!

Last night, Matt & I went to the New Orleans Hornets (formerly the Charlotte Hornets) Draft Party. Our friends and the Friendship House have connections with the Hornets and were volunteering for the party. We were lucky enough to go with them and help out. We had lots of fun passing out flyers and hanging out with old and new friends. We took some cool pics but currently lost the cord to our camera. I'll post them as soon as I can.

We have been in New Orleans over a week now and the reality is beginning to set in that we are staying here. We love living here but greatly miss our friends and family in South Carolina/North Carolina. It is quite a change going from living with our best friends (and having one dog, four cats, a rabbit, and fish) to just having us and the girls in our house. We are living out our dreams and love it here, but it is still hard to know that all of our family and friends are 11 hours away. I can't even think about it/talk about it without crying. I think it's time to invest in some waterproof mascara. :) Please continue to pray for us.

Guess that's it for now, we have a busy day today with our supervisor coming by this morning and then an all-staff meeting this afternoon.

Oh yeah, we have this awesome shop across the street called Bath Junkie. The basic idea is you make your own bath products--you pick what you want such as lotion, bath crystals, fizzy balls, etc. and then choose the sent and they put it together for you. They have amazing products and it's affordable as well! Check out their website: If there's not a location near you, they will ship to you!

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Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts and conversation often. Know that you are both much loved and much prayed for!