Tuesday, April 26, 2005

makin' banana pancakes

I'm sitting here listening to Jack Johnson's new cd, In Between Dreams, and it is absolutely amazing. I love this guy--and have since I was in high school. All three of his cd's are so worthy of listening to. If you haven't heard him you definitely need to check him out. Kelly, Paul, Matt & I are going to go see him in Atlanta in September. I can't wait!

I had my first exam tonight. SCWK 432 with Dr. Wells. Despite Dr. Well's little surprises, the exam went extremely well. I feel very confident with this exam and that's a first! Now I've just got to bust it out with these next 3 exams.

This week I have been picking Caleb up from school & then going to get Sarah from her mom's office. I feel like such a mom picking the kids up from school, fixing them snack, & taking them to the park. Today was Sarah's third birthday. She was so excited--it was so cute!!! These are the kids I'm going to be baby-sitting all summer. They are cool kids so I'm excited.

Last weekend was amazing. One of the best of this semester. Friday night Paul, Kelly, Matt & I hung out at the Pink Palace, had some drinks, and played Lord of the Rings Risk (which Kelly & Paul are now addicted too). Saturday morning we headed to Jones Gap State Park which is above Greenville to go camping. We requested camp site 12 which was about a 2 mile hike up the mountain. We put all our gear on and hiked up the muddy mountain to our camp site. We set up camp and made a camp fire. Kelly & I are some proud girls--we have real men who are good at making camp fires even with wet wood! We then roasted hotdogs, meat, & made smores. We then proceeded to play Clue. After that, we headed to bed. It was a long, cold night, but finally morning came. We got up & the boys starting up another fire. Paul made homemade hot chocolate out of hersey's bars & hot water. I had my doubts but it was delicious! We then ate more hotdogs & meat. We hung out for a while...made some friends with the hikers passing by. Met a dog named Possum. After a while we packed up & headed down the mountain. Matt & I were trying to get back to Rock Hill for our Financial Peace graduation, so we were pressed for time. With Paul setting the pace--we made it down the mountain in 35 minutes! We headed off & decided to go to the Beacon in Spartanburg for lunch. When we arrived it was closed b/c it was Sunday. Boo! So we went to Fuddrucker's instead & had a wonderful time. We made it back to Rock Hill just in time for Matt & I to get to our FP graduation. After that we headed back to the Pink Palace to find Kelly & Paul playing Risk again. And my girl Kelly was kicking Paul's butt! After a little coercing, we all headed over to the hot tub at Pace's River. That was wonderfully relaxing and a fun end to a wonderful weekend.

Okay, this has been a long enough entry. Enough rambling.

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Anonymous said...

Yay!! What a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to it again. And I am still the Queen of LOTR Risk!! Love ya Mackey!!
~ Kelly