Sunday, April 03, 2005

babies, furniture, and ashlee

This will be quick but I wanted to write because today has been an exciting and eventful day.

First, this morning we had the Financial Peace University yard sale where Matt & I bought a baby stroller (that story will come in a later blog).

Then, this afternoon Matt's mom purchased our bedroom suite from Tinsley's. That is definitely the most expensive thing anyone has ever bought me. Crazy. It's so awesome though!

Finally, tonight Matt & I went to see the one and only Ashlee Simpson in concert! It was absolutely amazing! I've never seen or heard so many screaming 13 y ear olds in my life. It was an adventure and I'll post more about it and pictures later.

Now it's time for bed since I've been up since 5:30 this morning and we lose an hour of sleep tonight!


Joce said...

come on now!!! i'm ready for some stroller stories...make em hilarious! i should email you the pics so you can put them on!

erin said...

mackey, there was a chocolate fountain at the wedding i went to this weekend. you best not eat any of it that day! makes nothing but a huge mess..i had it all over me for real. but it was good.