Tuesday, April 19, 2005

*EXTREMELY* pissed off!

Wanna know why?

My mom & I *thought* we had ordered the wedding invitations a month ago. We hadn't heard anything from the lady who owns the store we ordered them from so I decided to call. She wasn't there when I called so she called my mom back today. Just before class, my mom called to tell me that Betsy (the owner of the store) never ordered the invitations! Argh! We ordered the proof, that came in, and then we revamped the invitation a little. I specifically remember my mom having a conversation with Betsy over the order and Betsy said she was going to order them, there was no need for another proof. So we left it at that. Well, Betsy says she never even remembers that conversation. So, my mom is over at the store right now straightening everything out. She is very pissed off and I'm sure she is giving Betsy a talking to. So for anyone wondering if they're getting an invitation--they will be in in about 2 weeks and then we have to address them. So you should get them about 3 weeks before the wedding--a lot later than planned. Oh well, as long as we get them. I'm still pissed off though!

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