Sunday, April 10, 2005

I am blessed

I found out on Wednesday that I'm going to have to stay at Winthrop another semester. At first I thought that really blows, but now I'm kind of glad. I only need a few more hours that semester so I'm going to spread it out and make these next 3 semesters relatively easy. And I don't think I'm going to summer school (at least not this summer). In actuality, I'm actually kind of excited about staying another semester now...I'll only be doing my internship the last semester anyway.

Matt's mom is amazing. She bought us a brand new bedroom suite and a car today. We already had picked out a bedroom suite last weekend but we decided to order a different one today that was nicer & would last longer. Then we went to Carmax where I ended up driving our 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE out of the lot. Cccrrraazzzyyyy! Matt & I are still in shock. Matt can't drive it right now b/c insurance will only cover him on the Lumina b/c of his past driving record. So right now, I'm driving the Sentra. Yeah--definitely still in shock.

Tonight me, Matt, Kelly, Paul, Carrie (Beasley) Wilkes, & Jamie went to see the Come See Me fireworks at the lake. That was fun.

It's 11:55 pm and I'm heading to bed. Today has been a busy day and tomorrow will be as, going to see Reckless, Financial Peace, and 2 papers to write.

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