Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bathtime and a lizard.

Yesterday morning, I decided I needed to take a bath and shave my legs. I had an appointment with my OB and I needed my legs to look pretty and smooth "just in case" he needed to see them. As I am sitting down in the bathtub, I am holding on to the handle on the wall and BAM! it flew right off the wall and along with it came three pieces of tile! There I was holding the handle in my hand with pieces of tile surrounding me in the bath water! I was in shock and a little disappointed in the handle because you know every pregnant woman needs a handle to get in and out of the bathtub. I then decide that it is a good thing because it will give Matt something else to fix and feel manly about. :) So I get the pieces of tile out of the water and continue on with my bath. A few minutes later I hear one of our cats hissing and look over to see...DJ and Peaches playing with a big green and brown lizard in our bathroom! What?!?! Where did this lizard come from?! And how did it get in my bathroom?! What was I to do but continue on with my bath and let the cats play with the lizard for a few minutes. When I finish my bath and get out of the tub, I try and get the cats to stop playing with the lizard because I just feel sorry for the poor little guy. He looked so old and feeble and my cats were just playing with him like he was a toy or something! I finally get the cats out of the bathroom and here I am stuck with the lizard who appears to be so weak he cannot move (but I see him breathing so I know he is alive). Me, being the woman that is scared of things that wiggle and move, cannot force myself to pick up the lizard and put him outside. So what do I do? I simply close the bathroom door so the cats cannot get in and torture this poor lizard and then I leave for my OB appointment. I was hoping that the lizard would be gone when I get home and he certainly was. But now I am scared that I am going to find a dead lizard somewhere in the house!

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