Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Babies galore!

Today marks my ninth month! It's hard to believe our precious little Emma is due in 28 days! Some days it feels like I have been pregnant forever and other days it feels like the past nine months have flown by! We pretty much have everything we need, except for a few smaller things. I am having a church baby shower tomorrow night and can't wait to spend some sweet time of fellowship with those ladies. Matt and I have been absolutely blessed to be at Redeemer, where there is a real focus on community and fellowship. We truly couldn't have made it though the past few months without them.

In other news, there is a family in our church that is expecting quadruplets, yes you read that right! They already have a three year old girl and an almost one year old girl. Please, please pray for this family, the McMullen's. They do not have family nearby and our church is really going to have to pull together to support them for the long haul. Pray for Jenny Kate's health and their sanity. Pray for all of the changes and transitions they will have to make during this time (they are looking to buy a bigger house). Pray for these babies health and that they will continue to develop as they should. Finally, pray that this family will have a peace about this entire situation. They are surely going to go through some difficult times, but we know that they will be blessed!

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