Sunday, February 01, 2009

Our quirky home

Our home is a fun place to live. It is a cheap, inner-city apartment, and with that comes the good and the bad...

  • It's cheap!!! Only $750 for 2 bedrooms and believe me, in this city, that is impossible to find!
  • It's in the middle of all the action. We love living on Magazine Street. We're in walking distance from restaurants, drugstores, coffee shops, grocery stores, and anything else you could want.
  • We have awesome neighbors. The guy downstairs even gives us his internet (on purpose)!
  • The kitchen has this cute built in cupboard. I love it!
  • Lots of wall space!
  • We LOVE our front porch. It's spacious and a perfect place to sit in the evenings and watch the traffic/people on Magazine.
  • A nice backyard that Emma can play in when she gets a little older.
  • At any given point in time, we may blow a fuse. Sometimes it even blows on it's own when we haven't done anything. Gets kind of frustrating when you are trying to feed a baby dinner and the fuse blows four times in 20 minutes and the breaker box is outside and you have to go flip the switch so your baby won't be sitting in the dark! Yes, this has happened a couple times!
  • It's upstairs. I don't mind living upstairs, but the staircase is skinny and gets quite slippery when wet. And it's not very fun to trudge up slippery stairs with a baby and groceries!
  • No parking--we have to park on a side street. We have gotten used to this and it only sucks when we have lots of groceries to bring in.
  • The walls are very thin. Our precious neighbors like to play some boom boom music on the weekends and we can hear every "boom".
  • The backdoor has a big gap on the side of it--Matt had to put in a draft guard so that we can keep the heat/air in.
  • Because our apartment is shotgun style (with no hallway), we have to walk through the babies room to get from the living room to our room. This is a problem when she is sleeping!
  • There is NO counter space in the kitchen.
  • No dishwasher.
All this said, we love our home and are so blessed to have found this place!

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Holly said...

we've only lived in 1 place (our house in Tulsa) that had a dishwasher. needless to say, we re-use the same glass all day long! :)