Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love a good deal!

I'm on a coupon/saving money kick right now and found this wonderful site that has a Target coupon generator. You can find great coupons and print out as many as you want. They have a $5 off Pampers coupon when you buy diapers & wipes and also a free $5 gift card if you buy Pampers diapers and wipes. The great thing is that you can use both coupons at the same time! So you are really saving $10! Now that's a good deal! So, here's the

Now it's your turn, got any $ saving tips for me?


Laura Ashley said...

Sarah, I have a suggestion for long term savings! Try using cloth diapers instead of regular. I think the savings is about $400 a year. I know it doesn't sound appealing, but they have improved since we were kids. I have heard that a lot of seminary wives use them and the long term savings is worth it, especially if you planning on having any more children in the future. Long term you could save thousands of dollars. Check out this blog to find out more about them:

Maggie said...

Sarah! It's Maggie (way back from middle school). I got a link to your blog from facebook. Here's a suggestion for couponing: check out You wouldn't believe the deals she has posted there. Freebies, coupons, everything you can imagine. She even lists out all the deals at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, you name it! I hope it helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! You may not remember me but I'm Erin Zaleski--We used to work together with SCEAP. I found had to share my favorite link--

It is AWESOME! Last week we had a grocery bill that would have been $115 and using the coupons and tips with this it brought it down to $85! One of the ladies at work has been using it for over a year and says she estimates saving at least $1500 with it over the year. It costs $1 for the free trial, but I find it's really worth it. You might want to check it out!

Just figured I'd let you know. Hope all is going well!


Estela Kinkaid said...

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