Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring is in the air!

Oh, how I love Spring! It is without a doubt, my favorite season and I thank God that I do not have allergies. As I see the dogwoods, bradford pears, and forsynthia in bloom I am reminded of how blessed I am to haves a Savior who has given me new life and continues to renew my soul. I am so thankful to know the God that shows himself through His creation.

Healthwise, I am feeling much better. I ended up having to go back to the doctor to get a stronger antibiotic, which worked miracles on my ear infections. I feel better now than I have felt since January. I feel like I have been given a breath of fresh air.

A week from now, Matt and I will be headed to New Orleans (with a pit stop in the ATL). The anticipation continues to build in me as we are going to go look for a place to live there. My dream is coming true. I cannot wait to see how God continues to work out the details in this great adventure. We have a few job leads with some children's homes/group homes as residential counselors. Just to think that in less than four months Matt & I will be living in New Orleans truly makes my heart sing. I am truly blessed!

It was quite a crazy week at the daycare. The kids were just out of control and we had picture day on Thursday which was pure madness. My kids were so precious though and total hams. I cannot wait to see their pictures. When I have children, I am going to be such a sucker for school pictures. I am going to want to buy every pose.

That's a recap on my life. Life is good. :)

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Courtney said...

so glad your dream is coming and matt are such a cute and inspiring couple.