Sunday, February 27, 2005

raindrops on roses

It's been a great weekend. Very busy but fun.

Friday morning I went to work & then headed home to spend some time with my family and do laundry. I ended up spending the entire rest of the day with them, which was great. After Matt got off work he came over to my parents house and we ate pancakes for dinner. Yum!

Saturday I had to work the nursery at Westminster from 9 am-12pm. We had four kids--two fourth graders, a six-month old and a one-year old. The babies were great and so adorable. Then Matt & I headed to Pineville for lunch & shopping at Old Navy. We went to Rafferty's for lunch which was good but a little expensive for us being that we're on a really tight budget. Then we went to Old Navy & I got a few things. Later on we headed to Columbia with Matt's mom & Aunt Karen (aka Crazy Aunt Karen) for dinner with the Army Aviation Association, Jimmy Doolittle Chapter. Matt's mom was invited by some friends in honor of Mr. Parks. The dinner meeting was held at Longhorn's. Oh yeah, it was delicious. There was a speaker there, some guy who talked about helping Latin America. Out of his 45 minute talk all I understood was that many Latin Americans live in extreme poverty and are illiterate. After the meeting we headed back up & I came home and went to bed. I was pooped.

Today we had church & the college luncheon. I really enjoyed college luncheon because Matt & I sat with two families with young children. We had a lot of good conversation and the kids were adorable.

Then tonight we had Financial Peace where we learned about insurance. I'm still a little boggled by it all. I'm so ignorant about all of this stuff. Then we had our engaged couples Bible study with Jeff which was wonderful. I always enjoy spending time with Jason, Christen, Matt, & Stephanie. It makes me feel good that other couples are going through all we are.

So I'm sure this is the most boring entry ever.

Right now I feel pretty distant from a lot of people. I am so busy and it seems like I don't have any time just to hang out with anyone anymore. I miss spending time with people. Sometimes I feel like nobody wants to hang out anymore just because me & Matt are engaged. Yeah we're getting married but I still want to hang out with everyone else. I want to hang out with the girls without Matt. I want to hang out with my roomies. It just sucks because we are all so busy.

My dad is still searching for a job. It's been almost a year. That is so discouraging. I can't even imagine how my dad feels. He got two more rejection letters yesterday and sent out two more resumes. He didn't get one job just because he doesn't have a masters in social work, even though he has 22 years of experience working in the social work field. That scares me.

Matt & I have all of these random thoughts for our future. I am now realizing that I will have to go to grad school. We may stay here & I can go to Winthrop for grad school. We may move to Tennessee (Nashville or Memphis) & I could go to UT. That would be incredible. We may head down to Florida. We have no clue. We are definitely open to anything though.

Okay, I guess this is a long enough random entry. Bye for now.

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