Saturday, December 03, 2011

Our chaotic life

Every time I update my blog, I tell myself I'm going to do better & try to post once a week. Does it happen? Of course not. So, here's my best recap of the last little while in our life.

*We have moved on from our ministry at the Baptist Friendship House. It was such a bittersweet move. We had been there almost 2 years and those living and working there were (and still are) our family. With Baby # 3 coming soon and myself being back in school, we knew God was calling us to focus on our family and leave the Friendship House.

*We have a sweet little house only 3 blocks from our work. It was such a God story in how we discovered this house and how it was a perfect fit for our family. If you want to hear that story, just ask. :)

*This is Emma's last year at the child development program where she is and we are exploring options for next year. It is quite overwhelming, as there are only a handful of schools in the New Orleans area that are decent enough to send her too. School applications are rigorous and most schools go by a lottery system, so you can't put any hope in getting into a particular school. I actually went to an open house for a school this morning and they stated that they get about 800 applications each year and there are probably only a few spots for the Pre-K 4 program. I left feeling very overwhelmed and discouraged. Please be praying that we can trust that God will have Emma in the school where she needs to be.

*Emma is 3 1/2 now and continues to be a bundle of energy and excitement. She is just not getting to the point where she will sit down for a 30 minute movie every once in a while. She loves to pretend play and mostly pretends that she is at school or church. She also bursts into song at any moment of any day and sings about the most random things. It's quite hilarious.

*Eli is 21 months old now and while he is making progress, he still isn't walking much. He will free stand and take a few steps here and there, but is quite cautious about the walking thing. His vocabulary is exploding and is most commonly found saying "kitty, airplane, cheese, milk, potty, Mama, Dada, and Emma". He has decided that he is ready to be a big kid and start potty learning. I was going to wait until he started walking to introduce the potty, but a few weeks ago, he went and sat on the little potty, said "potty" and started pulling at his pants. He is having some success and is quite proud of himself.

*I am now into my 3rd trimester (28 weeks) and starting to get into the entire uncomfortable back hurting, round ligament pain stage of pregnancy. I am enjoying my time with Emma and Eli before the chaos of having 3 children begins. Little man's due date is February 25, but we will be scheduling the c-section for around the 17th (unless he decides to make an early entrance like his older brother). This is full into Carnival (Mardi Gras) season, so it will be quite interesting to see how that will all work out, considering our hospital is one block from a major parade route.

*I am continuing on in school for my Master's of Social Work at the University of New England. It is an online program and while I am loving it and learning a lot, it is quite demanding.

*We just returned from a trip to South Carolina to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving. We had a great time, though it is never long enough to visit everyone we would wish.

*We have been super bad about taking pictures with our camera, so here are a couple of pictures from my phone.

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