Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to blogging

Here's to hoping I can get back into the blogging thing again. I feel quite guilty that I blogged so much & took so many pictures when Emma was a baby, but now that Eli is here, I barely blog & seem to only take pictures on my phone. I am now going to start being more purposeful about blogging and picture taking. I'll start off with a random, bullet-point update on our lives.

*My little family has been either crazy busy or sick for the last 6 months. If we are not busy, at least one of us is sick. If we are not sick, we are busy trying to do a million things. I am trying to slow down. I need to step back and ask myself what is really important in life. I am working on me.

*Sickness has been so bountiful in our lives lately. As I type, Matt and Eli are suffering from their second round of the nasty stomach bug. There seems to be no rest. I am so incredibly ready for spring to come and dreaming of days where we go more than a week without being sick!

*Emma continues to love going to school. She has amazing teachers and we are so blessed to have her in such a wonderful school. She is learning and exploring so much! She is starting to recognize letters (especially the ones in her name) when we are out and about. She knows all of the basic colors and can count (one to one) up to fourteen. She loves to pretend. Right now, most of her pretending centers around birthdays and parties. She also loves to sing songs. She makes up her own crazy songs all the time. Last night, Matt had to drag her out of the shower after she stood there for fifteen minutes, just singing songs. So adorable.

*Eli is growing and changing as well. It is hard for me to believe that he will be ONE in less than a month! Where did my itty bitty baby go?!? When we went to the doctor on Friday, he weighed in at 20 lbs. He developmentally is a lot slower than where Emma was at this age, but I'm sure he'll do everything in his own time. He still has a lot of difficulty eating foods (baby food or table food), so is mostly just drinking formula right now. There is a possibility he may have to go to therapy to learn how to swallow foods, but we are waiting for the 12 month mark to pursue that. He is not crawling yet, but has just started pulling up. He would much rather be standing than sitting. He loves to laugh and smile and is still our joyful little man!

I don't have any pictures to attach, because, well, I haven't taken any. Bad mom of the year award. I will do better though...about blogging and taking pictures!

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