Sunday, October 31, 2010

You Know You're a Mom If...

...your infant burps and you hold out your hand to catch the spit-up are constantly saying "take that out of your mouth!" find rocks and matchbox cars in your pockets tell time by when the baby had his last bottle are an expert poop examiner

...if you get to sleep until 7 am, that is considered sleeping in

...getting 4 hours of straight sleep is a wonder keeps you sane are constantly singing children's songs, even when kids aren't around

...going to Target by yourself is a huge treat would rather buy clothes for the kids than for yourself use sign language (that you use with the kids), even when you talk to adults

...swaddling blankets are your best friend

...going out to eat means going to Chick-fil-a so the toddler can play on the playground

...your favorite websites are,,, and

Feel free to add on!

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