Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Six Months (with pictures)

Dear Eli,

It is so hard to believe that we are halfway through your first year of life. I cannot even describe what a joy you are to our little family. You have such a happy spirit. You are smiling all the time, at anyone who comes your way. You have the greatest smile and can make everyone around you smile as well. The joy you bring is indescribable.

You love, love, love your sister! She can make you laugh and laugh. It is the cutest thing! She loves to cuddle with you and sing you songs. I love the bond that you already have.

You have turned out to be quite a chunky little man. :) Last week you weighed in at 16 lbs. You can now sit up (in the tripod position) on your own. You discovered your feet last week & now love to hold them. You refuse to eat baby food. We have tried cereal and pears and you just clinch your lips together and spit bubbles. It's pretty entertaining.

You are much like your sister in your ear troubles. You have been struggling with ear infections for a few months now and will be getting tubes next Wednesday. I am so ready for you to get tubes and be done with all these antibiotics, since you've had some pretty yucky reactions to them. We are hoping this will be the end of your ear troubles!

Tonight, you had been fussing for a couple hours, and I had assumed it was because of your ears. Then I decided to rub your gums & what do I feel, but YOUR FIRST TOOTH! Poor little boy, cutting teeth & ear infections all at the same time. This too shall pass!

We love you sweet boy. I cannot wait to continue to see you grow & see the plans that God has in store for your life!



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