Monday, April 12, 2010


What's been going on with us lately?

We have been enjoying the lovely Spring weather here in New Orleans. We enjoyed a visit from my parents and brother. We celebrated Easter with our friends. Emma got tubes put in her ears and her adenoids taken out. I started back to work part-time. We have been busy chasing around our wild toddler and loving on our newborn. :)

Now, get ready for a picture overload!

Emma's first time in a bounce house...she wasn't quite sure what to do.

Eli snuggling with his Grammy

The fabulous cupcake cake that a friend made for Eli's baby shower

Emma's first time dying eggs...she had a blast!

Eli didn't enjoy it quite as much

Emma loved re-arranging all the eggs in the carton

And then spent some time riding her new tricycle

Emma finding her goodies in her Easter basket
*sidenote: I sewed Emma's Easter dress and am quite proud of first big sewing project!

Emma & a friend at church, ready to be the first ones to find the eggs!

She definitely had the whole egg thing figured out

And then spent some time swinging

Big sister & little brother enjoying the sunny Easter weather

My sweet family


courtney said...

you are all so precious. Eli is adorable and so is Emma. I love her long curly hair. and great job on the dress! it's adorable too!

The Parks said...

Emma's dress is so cute! Great job!

erin said...

cute cute cute. i love the dress...good job mackey. i hope i can learn to do that one day. glad to see your precious family doing so well.

The B Family said...

what a precious lil family :) and wait to go on Emma's dress!!! looks adorable on her!

Leigh said...

Emma's dress is adorable! you did a great job and the fabric is super cute!

thanks for the advice on cloth diapers and baby wearing! I haven't decided yet if I want a ring sling or a pouch but I am going to get one of those for sure then maybe an Ergo or something similar to it. gosh there are just so many choices and decisions to make, life would be so much easier if I knew how big they are going to be!