Thursday, January 21, 2010


Our little family has been hit with all kinds of illnesses this week and we are struggling to recover. Emma has been battling an ear infection for almost a month now, but then suddenly came down with pneumonia on Tuesday. For now, she is being treated at home with antibiotics and breathing treatments, and we are hoping to not make a trip to the hospital. Right now, it seems as we took one step forward and two steps back. She got a shot of antibiotics on Tuesday afternoon and yesterday she had more energy and was more talkative, but then today she has been more lethargic again. She continues to have fever, though not as high as it was on Tuesday. Please pray that she will be able to kick this sickness soon.

Matt has also been pretty sick this week. He took the day off from work yesterday and went to urgent care because his doctor couldn't fit him in. I know that when I don't have to fight with him to take the day off and go to the doctor, he must feel really bad. The doctor said he just had a bad cold but gave him antibiotics anyway. To us, it seems like it is more than a cold, but hopefully these antibiotics will do the trick.

Baby Eli and I have been feeling fine this week and are praying that we don't get sick.

So, please be praying for our family as we battle these illnesses.

And just for a little fun, here's a picture. We took Emma on the carousel at the zoo for the first time on Monday. She loved it and hasn't stopped talking about it since then. "Emma 'round on alligator". :)


Kelly said...

Aww... Poor Emma and Matt! We are definitely praying for them to feel better soon! We want them to feel better when we come!

The Beasleys said...

Hope they feel better soon! Logan has a cough that wont go away. Love you guys!