Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanksgiving recap

I know that it's almost January, but I am just now getting around to uploading our Thanksgiving pictures (we have been a little busy packing & moving!) We enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Carolinas (and Georgia) and got to spend lost of time with some dear friends and family.

We had Thanksgiving breakfast with our dear friends, the Edingers.

Emma was thankful for a full tummy!

Emma and her (second?) cousin Taylor playing Mimi's piano.

Time for some turkey!
We cheered on those Gamecocks to a victory over Clemson (note: my husband was very kind to wear a maroon shirt even though his heart was cheering for the Tigers)!

We went to Mays Park (where Mommy played as a kid).

Had some snuggle time.

Loved on Granddaddy.

Enjoyed spending time with the cousins.

Daddy & Mommy got an inside tour of the Augusta National Golfcourse, thanks to Uncle Michael!

We had a wonderful trip and were thankful for the time we got to spend with family and friends.

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The B Family said...

wow you guys were really busy for a week-long trip!! I guess I just didn't realize before what all was on your plates! So glad we got to see you. Hope all is well in N'awlins :)

courtney said...

wow, you did do a lot! how many states did you visit? sad we missed you, maybe next time when Eli is here! you all look great. love emma's hair

Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all had a very busy holiday season! Hope you and baby boy are feeling well and rested now from all of your travels.

Honestly, is there anything not to love about IKEA? It is just good.