Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glad Game

10 things I am glad about tonight...

1. My amazing husband who took care of my wild 15 month old this weekend so I could get some rest, as I wasn't feeling well.
2. Emma can now say "mommy", though she says "my me", it melts my heart.
3. 4 days of work until a long weekend at Callaway Gardens.
4. Izze sparkling juice. I love this stuff!
5. My job. I am so thankful that I have an amazing job and get to spend every day with my daughter and 8 other crazy cute kiddos!
6. New Orleans. I love this city--the good and the bad of it. I have learned so much about people and life since living here!
7. I just love MckMama's blog!
8. Cloth diapering. Seriously, I love diapering my child now! I love saving money, saving the environment, and doing something healthy for my child. Plus, cloth diapers are so darn cute!
9. The amazing relationship I have with my family.
10. Thoughts of going back to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. Good food and fellowship with those I love!

And just because she's cute, here's a picture!


Grammy said...

That is quite possibly my favorite picture EVER!!! Something about seeing her in your little dress, with the sweet smile and the "cloud" of wispy blond hair---makes me want to cry!--and give thanks to God for the blessings of you, Matt, and Emma, even if you all are so far away. We love you all!


Laura Ashley said...

she is so beautiful! love the dress.