Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crazy haired girl!

Just thought some of you might be interested in Emma's new developments these days...

*Emma is very vocal these days. Her language is developing so quickly and it's amazing to hear new words almost daily! Here are the words she can say right now: mama, dada, kitty "iddy", DJ "eyay", uh oh, pat "pa", milk "mi", hello "eyo", hey "ey", bye bye "ba ba", ball, baby, night night "ni ni", no, and mine "my". She also goes around saying "die" all day long and we can't for the life of us figure out what that means. Haha! Emma can also imitate sounds, such as animals sounds, if we say them to her.

*Emma's signing has also progressed. She can sign all done, milk, thank you, please, more, cat, baby (her favorite), and shoes (another favorite). She will also imitate some animals signs if I do them (monkey, elephant, dog).

*Emma is officially a two legged baby now. She walks all the time and would run if she could figure out how!

*Emma loves to be outside and would stay outside all day if we let her. She gets bored very quickly if we are inside, either at home or at work. She bangs on the doors all the time to tell us she wants to go outside. She loves to ride the riding toys at work, swing, play in the sandbox and in the pool.

*Emma will now follow directions (I know this stage won't last long!). If we tell her to sit down, stand up, lay down, go get an object, find an object, etc. she will do it. So cute!

*Emma is a climber. She loves to climb on anything she can. She is proficient at climbing up slides and climbing on tables!

*Another tidbit...Emma and I have been going to Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes this summer and she is such a yoga baby! The instructer was way impressed today because Emma did ALL of the poses (some with my help and some on her own!). It is so precious and we have a blast doing it!

And just for good measure, I'll leave you with a picture of my "crazy haired girl" after we took her two pigtails out yesterday (sorry I don't have a before picture).


Leigh said...

she is so cute! totally interest in this baby yoga stuff, I need to see if we have any of those classes here!

erin said...

she is so cute..i love the hair.