Sunday, March 08, 2009

Art Journaling

I have a new hobby, thanks to my dear friend, Karina. She has introduced me to the world of art journaling. Here are a few of my creations.

Prompt: Valentine to yourself

Prompt: Your perfect man

Prompt: Self-portrait

Prompt: MLK Jr/I Have a Dream


courtney said...

these are awesome sarah!

Joce said...

Hi Smackey,
Just want you to know I am going to start using my blog again. The blogspot one! :)

courtney said...

cloth diapering is the best! if you can stand cleaning up the poop - but solid poop is a breeze...can't believe I'm writing this on your blog.ha.

i recommend fuzzi bunz.

And would love to come to Emma's bday party! can't wait to see you! keep us updated