Saturday, January 03, 2009

Miss Fussypants

Emma is developing quite a personality. And with her personality comes some sass. With that comes some fussyness. Mommy is not fond of this new personality development. Every time we take something away from Emma, she fusses. Every time we walk away from Emma, she fusses. Every time we put Emma in the exersaucer, she fusses. She will even fuss in the Johnny Jump Up, which used to be her favorite. I think I'm about to have my hands full with a sassy little girl! Anyone have any advice?


The Parks said...

Ohhh, I remember that phase. It will get better when she learns to crawl. She'll be too distracted by all the fun things to get into to fuss.

Holly said...

Taylor was/is in a similar boat. We just let her fuss it out. I have things to do and she has to learn that, even when she's making annoying whiney noises, it ain't gettin' her anywhere. She's starting to phase out of it a little bit now, so I think our tactic may be working :)

Teacher in the middle said...

Pray a lot!!!! Sarah still gives us that kind of problem, and she's six! However, she is JUST as wonderful and fun as she is sassy/whiny! So just pray. You will end up with SO many blessings!