Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Make It Right 9

How many of you have heard about Brad Pitt's "Make It Right 9" efforts? I watched the special on CNN with Larry King the other day and was intrigued by this campaign. Basically Brad Pitt is making huge efforts to rebuild the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans (one of the hardest hit areas by Katrina). His efforts are to build economic, green, affordable housing and incorporate innovative design into these homes. Brad Pitt has donated millions of dollars towards this effort and is asking others to donate as well. To publicize this effort, pink tents have been put up in the area to be rebuilt to draw people to come see what this effort is all about. Each tent represents a home that will be rebuilt. All of the tents are made with economic friendly materials (some even have solar panels) and the materials will be reused in building the homes. Matt & I drove down there the other day and got a look at it all. No words can describe what we saw. Each time I visit the Lower 9th, my heart becomes burdened in a new way. To see the devastation and destruction that still exists hurts my heart. There is such a dramatic difference between where we live (uptown) and the Lower 9th. It honestly is like traveling to a different country. My heart is burdened for those who lost their homes, family members, and basically their entire lives in this tragedy. I urge you to continue to pray for those affected by Katrina. And don't just pray, come make a difference in this city. It has been almost 2 1/2 years since Katrina hit, yet many are still suffering and in pain. Think about coming to this city and joining the rebuilding efforts. As my pastor says, "We are called to move toward the pain". This city is in great pain.

Here are some pictures from the Make It Right 9 project. You can get more information by going to their website

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